Why You Should Know How To Register A Trademark In Indonesia

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By Aldhi Fajar Maudhi

Do you know how important it is for you to know How to register a trademark in Indonesia <sumber link> ? Having your brand registered is doing more than just protecting your venture. It also opens your way for expansions in the future. But most importantly, it gives assurance to the customers that you will be in the service for at least the next ten years.

How To Register A Trademark In Indonesia
How To Register A Trademark In Indonesia

What if I don’t know How to register a trademark in Indonesia 

The problem with operating a brand without a trademark is you need to be ready for possible legal issues. It’s probable someone else also runs a business with the same name. And it can be worse if they have trademarked it.

When it comes to intellectual property, only the name and design matter. It’s barely about the products or services in the business type. Some people argue that two different companies can share a brand name. But to avoid confusion, one of the brands needs to alter the name or seek a new one.

The information on the steps and the necessary documents are public knowledge. But if you’re still unsure of where to start, you can contact a trademarking agency like the Acclime’s company registration service in Bali to help you register.

Since the Indonesian court requires the documents to be in Bahasa Indonesia, make sure that the agent comes with a certified translator. They will translate all of the necessary documents throughout the process and make everything easy for you.

The agents also provide free early assessment and consultation sessions. Make the best of the session to know the services they provide. Even though it’s a straightforward process, it still can take a while. And the last thing you want is the process to halt midway because you disagree with your agent. Read this strata trust company review to understand everything about investing in precious metals.

What are the consequences if I fail to trademark my brand?

The worst consequence is you are unable to operate in Indonesia. Any business activity will count as illegal. It also can get worse if the other company decides to sue you and seek monetary compensation.

While paying another company sounds bad enough since it means a setback for your business. It hurts even more when you’re a start-up or only recently started your company. But using a trademarked brand illegally can also lead to criminal charges. By Indonesian law, anyone can report your business for a criminal charge, a separate case from the civil one.

Trademarking your brand is a form of investment. It shows you’re committed to the industry and business for at least another decade. The process also protects your efforts from making the business work. It is one of the crucial steps in starting any business. 

To reiterate, you may not know the steps on How to register a trademark in Indonesia. But you can always employ professional agents to help you with the process. Within a couple of weeks, your business will have a legal standing to operate in the region.

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