Information to look at the Wipo Indonesia trademark database

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By Aldhi Fajar Maudhi

You should check the Wipo Indonesia trademark database <sumber link> at least once. They have all of the information you need on you and your competitor. Many business owners don’t realize the importance of knowing the information for their businesses. Here’s a tip, it’s more than just knowing the brand name and trademark information.

the Wipo Indonesia trademark database
the Wipo Indonesia trademark database

What is the Wipo Indonesia trademark database?

WIPO, or World Intellectual Property Organization, is one of the specialized agencies under the United Nations. As the name suggests, they focus on intellectual property. That includes trademarks over various brands on different services and products.

The organization retrieves data from the Indonesian Directorate of Intellectual Property. This means all products and services registered in the Indonesian directory will also be available in the database. 

It has several filters to help you find the correct information. They include logo image, brand name, and the original country. That way, you can find out if an Indonesian company owns the brand or if it is a foreign one.

However, the database only retrieves the data from its members. Therefore, several countries out of the 193 may not provide the latest information. But that shouldn’t stop you to look into the database. Especially if you plan to do a global market expansion, especially to the Southeast Asia market.

What is the information they provide

You may think that the WIPO database only covers the company and trademark. But like many other databases, there are more numbers that you can see and use.

In addition to the active trademarks, they also include pending registration and also expired certificates. The detailed information includes the registration date and when it will expire. You also can see brands that registered that got rejected or dismissed.

One of the features is report generation. You can do multiple searches covering several countries. The database will generate the report from the search result and you can export it for further analysis.

How does it Affect My Business?

First of all, the database is a good start to check on your competition. You can search for the brand names if it’s unavailable. This is exceptionally helpful when you run in the same industry or looking for a product name. 

Even though you’re not yet active in pursuing the Indonesian market, you can benefit from the WIPO information. The trademark information can give you what the market is missing and how to exploit the niche.

And if your company plans to penetrate the Indonesian market, the database can be a great help. As you know, Indonesian law required global brands to register their trademark and be commercially active. It minimizes the chance of a shell company or anyone registering a trademark for personal purposes. 

At a glance, the WIPO database may look like regular data on trademarks. But it holds numerous information that you can exploit to expand your ventures. It’s not an understatement to say that your business success depends on how well you are on utilizing the Wipo Indonesia trademark database.

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