Which Shapewear to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress?

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By Aldhi Fajar Maudhi

Weddings are an exciting time of everyone’s life and brides are always tensed about looking the best. That’s because they are always thinking about the wedding dress and how amazing they have to look. Ranging from slits to sultriness and ball gowns, there are so many options to choose from.

However, shapewear is one of the most important parts of the attire because it helps complete the look. Shapewear for wedding dress has to hug your figure, so there is no bulginess. So, if you want to explore shapewear to wear under your wedding dress, we have a few details to share!

1. Backless Bodysuit

First of all, many brides opt for backless dresses, and if you are going for the same, we recommend choosing a backless bodysuit. These bodysuits can easily complement the open back and a plunging neckline. It’s suitable for people with a slim silhouette, such as a column silhouette and a fit-and-flare one.

The backless bodysuits are designed with removable straps, so you can create a strapless look. Also, they are designed to pull in the bulging belly and shape the midsection. As a result, your body will look well-shaped and secure.

2. Sculpting Bodysuit

In case you want more support and coverage while wearing your wedding dress, we recommend opting for a sculpting bodysuit rather than only a tummy shaper. It’s a seamless and soft bodysuit, which helps tighten the core. It can instantly lift and shape the butt without compromising on support for breasts.

The sculpting bodysuit is suitable if your wedding dress has a ball gown silhouette. In addition, you can use it for A-line wedding dresses. These bodysuits are also suitable for plus-sized women.

3. No-Show Panties

While there is a lot of shapewear on sale, you have to be equally careful about the shapewear and wedding dress cuts. For instance, if your wedding dress has an illusion back or side cutouts, you should choose no-show panties. These panties are suitable for wedding dresses with a mermaid silhouette or if it has a crepe style.

In particular, the no-show panties are recommended if you cannot wear high-waisted undergarments. In simpler words, you cannot wear it with backless gowns. Lastly, if you need tummy control, choose panties with a Spanx-based thong.

4. Thigh Shaper

For women who have chosen fit-and-flare, trumpet, or mermaid-style wedding gowns, you’ve to invest in a thigh shaper. That’s because it helps ensure flexible and free movement, as you won’t have to pull. However, be careful about where the thigh shaper will hit on the stomach. That’s because if it’s too tight, your tummy rolls will come out. Ideally, a thigh shaper made from stretchable jersey fabric is recommended because it’s easier to wear and breathable.

Purchasing shapewear to wear at the wedding isn’t easy. You’ve to create the illusion of a smooth and slim body without compromising on the flexibility of the boning. Before we sign off, we do want to add that shapewear should be of the color that’s closest to your natural skin tone, so it doesn’t show!

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