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By Aldhi Fajar Maudhi

Playing games has been my hobby since childhood, starting from console and casino games. As a generation of the 90s, it certainly could not be separated from playing video games , which at that time became entertainment in the era of the development of visual game technology and consoles. Visual games on PCs and consoles have become very popular amid the presence of various interesting entertainments such as gameboys , tamagochi , dingdong and so on.

The time that has passed so quickly has made me experience a shift in game technology that has long become what it is now. Playing games no longer uses large consoles and wired joysticks as game controllers. Currently, playing games can be done in the palm of your hand by using a smartphone as a device that can be a means of entertainment for everyone when your mind and brain sometimes get bored when dealing with daily activities that can make you bored.

It’s different from the past, with the presence of a gaming smartphone that has high performance like the ASUS ROG Phone 6, it’s one of the devices that many gamers have been waiting for to support their games in the gaming world . The latest ASUS ROG Phone 6 Series gaming smartphone product was officially launched on September 21, 2022 yesterday at the Ballroom Pullman Central Park Jakarta.

Launching ASUS ROG Phone 6 Series
Launching ASUS ROG Phone 6 Series di Ballroom Pullman Central Park Jakarta

ASUS’ consistency in launching smartphone gaming products indirectly supports gamers in devoting all their abilities to playing games . Since the first generation of ROG Phone products until the launch of the ASUS ROG Phone 6 Series, ASUS has been consistent in developing smartphone technology specifically for gamers.

Game Popularity in Indonesia

Then what is the popularity of games like in Indonesia? Game fans in Indonesia are a potential opportunity for game developers in the world. Games can be played on several devices such as PCs (personal computers), tablets, smartphones , consoles and other devices.

According to survey data conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite , it has been recorded that internet users in Indonesia have reached 202.6 million users as of January 2021 and as many as 60.8% of internet users use game applications on smartphones .

Meanwhile , 88.9% of those who play games using smartphones use other devices such as PCs, consoles, tablets, VR, and so on.

Statistik data perangkat bermain game menurut We Are Social dan Hootsuite
Statistik data perangkat bermain game menurut We Are Social dan Hootsuite

From the results of the survey above, it can be seen that the game industry in Indonesia is very developed and still has users as market share and opportunities for developers of the game industry and device devices such as gaming smartphones . Not only professional game players , but games are played from various groups such as employees, housewives, children, and so on.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Series Gahar Specifications Towards Champions in Game

For a gamer like me, the convenience of playing games on a smartphone is one of the main factors that must support the ability to play games . Although not a professional player, being a champion in the game is a satisfaction in itself. Many game genres such as RTS ( Real Time Strategy ), FPS ( First Person Shooter ), RPG ( Role Playing Game ), Simulation Game and so on must be played on smartphone devices that are capable of performance and visuals.

The presence of the ASUS PROG Phone 6 Series can be a solution for gamers to win in every game they play. Not only gamers game content creators can also feel the power of this ASUS ROG Phone 6 gaming smartphone in expressing its content in the digital world. So that it can be said that the ASUS ROG Phone 6 is a device intended for professional gamers, hobby gamers , and content creators.

The legendary ROG Phone gaming phone is the latest incarnation of a gaming phone that will take the world by storm. The gahar specifications contained in this smartphone can provide a gaming experience with unparalleled performance, very immersive visuals, ‘monster’ battery capacity, and a very complete range of mobile accessories. Everything is packaged in a futuristic design in a ROG Phone 6 Series product. It is undeniable that this gaming smartphone is much sought after and is the dream of gamers in Indonesia.

As explained above. Becoming a champion in a game will provide its own satisfaction, because we can defeat various obstacles with the abilities and strategies that we planned beforehand. So, how much GAHAR does the ROG Phone 6 Series have? I summarize some of the advantages of this ROG Phone 6 series in a brief explanation below.

G = Graphics Qualified

In a game , graphics that have good performance is a vital reason for playing games . The game will feel more real and provide an extraordinary gaming experience using this ROG Phone 6. besides that, this gaming phone already uses an AMOLED HDR10+ screen measuring 6.78 inches from Samsung and set by ROG. In addition, for safety and comfort, it is also equipped with a very strong Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ .

A = Best Audio Stereo System

Audio visual is very attached to the game world . After having good graphics, of course rocky stereo audio support will also give a more moody sensation when playing games . ROG Phone 6 is no exception, equipped with GameFX Audio System (Dual front facing stereo system).

H = High Quality Refresh Rate Anti Lag

An anti-lag game is a dream for every gamer in their game, ROG Phone 6 is equipped with a maximum refresh rate of 165Hz, a touch-sampling rate of up to 720 Hz, and a touch latency of up to 23 ms which makes gamers have a competitive advantage over some of its competitors.

A = Complete Supporting Accessories

Playing games for more than 2 hours causes the device to heat up due to continuous performance usage. Using accessories that are compatible with the ROG Phone 6 Series makes the device’s temperature normal. One of them is the AeroActive Cooler 6 which comes with an integrated Thermoelectric AI Cooling System technology, based on a Peltier cooling chip, to optimize heat dissipation according to CPU temperature.

R = Record Video with Quality Results

Apart from gamers , the ROG Phone 6 Series is also intended for content creators who like to document activities that can be used as content. Equipped with the main camera which is behind relying on a 50MP SONY IMX766 sensor. This will greatly support content creators and streamers to document them in producing quality content. Not only using the main camera, you can use the second camera and front camera which are no less quality.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 with Gahar specifications as summarized above will make the gaming experience more real and can even become a champion in every game you play. This will be very useful in the world of E-sport games which are gaining popularity in the world. Even now, the dream of becoming an E-sport champion is highly coveted and is the dream of professional gamers .

Spesifikasi GAHAR Rog Phone 6 Series
Spesifikasi GAHAR Rog Phone 6 Series

The Best Main Features of the ASUS ROG Phone 6 Series

Since the launch of the ROG Phone 6 series last September, it can be concluded that this gaming smartphone is perfect for both professional and hobbyist gamers . Why is that? Because the ROG Phone 6 series has reliable features that no one can match. Are you curious about what is contained in the advanced technology of the ROG Phone 6 Series in full? We peel one by one in the following explanation.

Unique ROG Vision

The standard ROG Phone 6 gaming smartphone is available in two color choices, namely Storm White and Phantom Black. This elegant and cool color makes our hands feel more comfortable when playing games . And for ROG Phone 6 Pro, it is available in the Storm White color option which is equipped with a 2-inch ROG Vision AMOLED screen on the back of the smartphone and is equipped with 6 animated scenarios as desired. gives a unique but gahar impression.

The uniqueness of this ROG Vision is that it will display customizable animations such as when there is an incoming call, entering X mode, charging, and when starting a game . This elegant impression makes you look even more fierce when playing games using the ROG Phone 6 Pro. ROG Vision can also be deactivated or adjusted to the animation you want. Exciting isn’t it?

ROG Vision Amoled
ROG Vision Amoled

AMOLED Screen for the Best Display while Playing Games

In matters of display, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the sharpness of this gaming smartphone . The 6.78-inch AMOLED HDR10+ screen from Samsung, produced specifically for ROG, provides a brighter display and immersive graphical visuals. For safety and comfort when using the ROG Phone 6 series, this device is equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ which has been tested for its strength. Eye Care Display technology is also present to keep the user’s eyes safe when using it, so you don’t have to worry about getting tired when playing games using this ROG Phone 6.

The 165Hz refresh rate complements the sophisticated, sharp display shown by ROG Phone 6. Touch-sampling rates of up to 720 Hz and 23 ms touch latency make gamers comfortable and able to do their best to achieve champions in the games they play.

ROG Phone Display
ROG Phone Display

Unbeatable Total Performance, Heavy and Casual Games Without Problems

The performance of this legendary gaming smartphone comes with the best processor in its class. By using the latest Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform processor and a CPU clock speed of 3.2 Hz, it will be able to run even heavy games . Then the combined combination of the Adreno 730 CPU and GPU will create 10% higher performance.

CPU power efficiency has also increased by 30 percent. ROG Phone 6 Series is reinforced with up to 18GB of LPDDR5 RAM to minimize bottlenecks and UFS 3.1 type SSD internal storage up to 512GB. We can already imagine that the ROG Phone 6 Series is the fastest smartphone on the market. Playing games not only wins but can make you comfortable and anti- lag .

With this amazing performance, ROG Phone 6 is capable of playing games like Genshin Impact or more casual games like PUBG Mobile, Minecraft, or Apex Legend.

ROG Phone 6 High Performance
ROG Phone 6 High Performance

Sophisticated Device Cooling System with Gamecool 6

Equipped with the GameCool 6 Cooling System cooling technology, you can wipe out heavy games with unparalleled performance. Surely this cooling system will help the device to stay at its best temperature.

The 360° CPU cooling system on the ROG Phone 6 Series is designed with a dual-PCB layout placed in the middle. Effective enough to regulate and fill the air gap between two PCBs with a special thermal compound, cooling performance is increased by up to 10°C.

In addition, AeroActive Cooler 6 comes with an integrated Thermoelectric AI Cooling System , which has a Peltier cooling chip, which functions to optimize heat dissipation according to CPU temperature. That way the temperature will drop to 25°C. This technology will be integrated with the ROG Phone 6 Series via a USB-C connection.

Gamecool 6 ROG Phone 6
Teknologi Gamecool 6

Super Monster Battery Capacity

The ROG Phone 6 Series is indeed different from the others. In terms of power, this device has 2 3000mAh batteries. The design made like this is to lower the temperature while charging and allow for 65W charging. The decrease in power that occurs when used to play games will also not produce excessive heat.

This monster’s battery capacity means you don’t have to worry about running out of power when using it. In ROG Phone 6, a further technological update lies in the thermal design, namely being able to charge quickly from 0-100%. ROG Phone 6 can be fully charged in 42 minutes of charging. This way you don’t have to wait long when charging and can play games again after being fully charged.

Monster Battery dual 3000mAh
Monster Battery dual 3000mAh

GameFX Audio Creates Immersive Sound

The ROG Phone 6 series is increasingly making improvements to its devices in terms of sound. It’s currently a state-of-the-art speaker tuning system and excellent tuning by Dirac. The new system features two symmetrical 5-magnet 12×16 Super Linear Speakers and a Cirrus Logic CS35L45 mono amplifier .

With sound technology on top of the ROG Phone 6 Series, it will deliver a sound experience that is wide, clear, and has a better depth of sound than other smartphones .

Suara yang terbaik ROG Phone 6
Suara yang terbaik ROG Phone 6

The Best Camera for Gamers and Content Creators

Not only for gamers , ROG Phone 6 comes with a camera that is no less sophisticated than the previous ROG Phone series. This phone has three cameras, the main camera on the back relies on a 50MP SONY IMX766 sensor. This camera has a 12.5MP main mode that uses a Quad Bayer color filter or a 50MP native mode.

The second camera has a 13MP ultra-wide angle lens that can record up to 125 degrees with distortion correction in real time. Meanwhile, the third camera is a 5MP macro lens. The front camera has a resolution of 12 MP which can record group selfies in high quality and stream live video .

Kamera Terbaik ROG Phone 6
Kamera Terbaik ROG Phone 6


After knowing some of the interesting features that the Asus ROG Phone 6 has, you will feel the GAHAR sensation which is a plus point in this gaming smartphone . The dreams of these gamers hopefully can come true. With Gahar specifications the dream of professional gamers and conventional gamers . Then how do you get it?

For those of you who want to buy ROG Phone 6 PRO, you can also start pre-ordering from 24 October – 10 November 2022. For this early order, you will get lots of attractive promos including Free Aero Active Cooler 6 + Devil Case + Exclusive ROGXONIC Esports backpack while supplies last, with a total profit of up to IDR 2,000,000. For ROG Phone 6 PRO, you can get it at a price of IDR 18,999,000 exclusively at Erafone, Urban Republic, ROG Store, ASUS Online Store, ASUS Exclusive Store, Eraspace and Tokopedia. For complete information, you can check here:

So, for ROG Phone 6, it’s now available at ROG Phone 6 sales partners, which you can get directly at Erafone, Urban Republic, ROG Store, ASUS Online Store, ASUS Exclusive Store, Eraspace, and JD.ID directly at a price of Rp. 10,999,000 for the 8/256GB variant and ROG Phone 6 12/256GB at a price of IDR 13,999,000. So, what are you waiting for, hurry up and buy before it runs out!

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