Know the Difference between Copyright and Trademark Indonesia

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By Aldhi Fajar Maudhi

In the business industry, copyright is an important thing that companies should pay attention to. Unfortunately, there are still many entrepreneurs who ignore it to the point of losing money due to the use of copyright without permission. This includes other ownership rights such as Indonesian patents or trademarks. Then, what is the difference between the three?

This registration procedure is directly related to the legal instruments in it. All three, need protection as well as anticipate various acts of fraud or theft of works. But before that, you should understand the basic differences between the three.

Trademark Indonesia
Trademark Indonesia

These three aspects actually have their respective advantages, even in ownership identity. However, not many people understand the basic differences between the three, even though they have different functions. Here’s the explanation:

Copyright or Copyright

In general, copyright is copyright in the Indonesian language. Copyright itself is commonly used to protect goods that have been made from the manufacturer due to plagiarism or theft. In the business industry, copyright is very commonly used, especially for technological inventors such as software and hardware.

Through copyright as well, the owner can immediately get full protection for a product that has been created. Therefore, no party can copy or even use the design at will without permission. So it’s clear, if there are parties who abuse the copyright, they can be subject to legal sanctions.

On the other hand, copyright can also make copyrights receive royalties for their inventions. A number of advantages can be obtained from the use of other parties, such as in a cooperation agreement. But also keep in mind, if the copyright has a validity period, it means that it needs to be extended to provide clear legal protection.

Like an identity, a trademark is a name that differentiates it from other products, especially those of competitors. Through trademarks, it is clear that companies have their respective identities for similar products they have.

For example, for Apple and Microsoft brands. These two giant technology companies clearly have high value in the eyes of users. So do not be surprised if the trademark cannot be used carelessly and is subject to heavy sanctions in its use. This is why trademarks are very important, similar to previous intellectual property which also has an expiration date so it must be renewed again.


If the copyright is part of the copyright, while the trademark is a trade identity, then the patent is a form of granting rights to the creator or commonly referred to as the inventor. The inventor is considered a person who creates new things in the world of technology. So, his party has the right to the patent because it creates useful findings.

In this case, the inventor also has many advantages that can be used immediately. For example, when submitting an invention to another party, it means that the inventor has exercised one of the proper rights, as well as the party entitled to the use given to him.

Those are the basic differences regarding Indonesian patents, copyrights and trademarks. All three are part of intellectual property that should be registered in order to get legal protection. Not only provide long-term benefits, property rights will also prevent companies and inventors from losses due to theft.

This is done through the Directorate General of Intellectual Property. These three instruments have a validity period so they need to be extended. If not, then the property will be released and the right to be used by others without any legal entanglement.

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